A beam of sunshine, breaking glass ceilings

Jones played 61 ODIs and five Tests for Australia. © Getty

Forlorn. Only that could portray a young lady with two blonde braids on path four of the track at the Olympic Park Stadium in Melbourne. The last of a 200m race was going to start and she had completed quickest in the qualifier. However, her mom was discovered loaning her uplifting statements. Futile. “Mum, I can’t. I can’t do this,” she rehashed, distressed. Is it safe to say that it was the weight of the last that got to her, or was the heaviness of desire hindering her? As it turned out, it was not one or the other.

She was distressed about contending in the last nearby a dark young lady. That dark young lady was a 13-year-old Melanie Jones.It was the kind of experience that stuck in the memory of Jones, who proceeded to speak to her nation in cricket and turned out to be one of the primary ladies reporters in the Indian Premier League. It was likewise a shot event given that she portrays her movement to that 200m last as a “fluke”. In any case, from her adversary’s point of view, a dark young lady partaking in the race implied that she would lose. While the barefaced stereotyping ought to have goaded Jones, it just diverted her. She couldn’t trust she was contending in the last, not to mention engaging winning it. Discuss incongruity.

“I’m thinking back going, ‘What’s going on…is she sick for sure?'” says Jones, coolly leaning back on a couch. “I hear her say to her mum, ‘Mum, I can’t do this.’ And by then I believe there’s weight on her to win this or something, and afterward she stated, ‘I can’t do this… there’s a dark young lady in the race.’ And I glanced around pondering who she’s discussing. She truly thought since I’m dark I should be the quickest individual in the race and that she wouldn’t win. She was in path four having completed first in the qualifying round! I at that point acknowledged she was discussing me and I just idea, ‘My God!’

It wasn’t the first occasion when that Jones, who was destined to an Australian mother and a West Indian dad – who she didn’t meet until the point when she was 16 – was forced to bear racially-determined corresponds. It was the 1980s, and Melbourne, a city presently known for its multiculturalism, was “exceptionally white” in those days. Being in the vanguard of ladies in a male-commanded game might be one of her characterizing commitments, however shading was the main purpose of contrast in her life.

“It occurred on various events where squad cars would stop and say, ‘What’s going on with you?’ I’d resemble, ‘Ummm strolling home’. They’d approach me for my ID and stuff that way. I didn’t consider it at that point. I just idea they were doing their activity. I emerged whether it was at school or strolling down the road or at the motion pictures or anything. I was in an all white family too. I was clearly inquisitive about it in the first place. It wasn’t until the point when I met my father when I was 16 in England that I understood it was alright. My mum and I kind of still joke that I’m the whitest dark chick in Australia. Since I’m Aussie truly,” she snickers.

There were these, and after that others that she needed to stand up to at school, notwithstanding her mom being an educator there. Jones however, never one to state excessively, endured it. At that point came the day she handled a punch in spite of the fact that, she thinks back that it could have been done in another way.

“There were these two children who were the main Sri Lankan kids in our elementary school. Our elementary school had a considerable measure of Greeks, Italians dominatingly where I grew up, yet these children were significantly darker. There was this child, despite everything I recall his name; he was a major child and he racially manhandled these two Sri Lankans. Mum saw it occurring… She said he knew I was irate thus he sort of secured himself and I just grunted him in the nose! My mum simply dismissed in light of the fact that she didn’t need it to be realized that she saw it,” giggles Jones. “I got more irate when it transpired else than when it transpired.”

What these occurrences did, in any case, were arouse Jones’ interest about her shading and her genealogy. Her interest was controlled with broad finding out about dark history. She perused ideal from Martin Luther King and the social equality development in America, to the ballads of Maya Angelou. It was her method for thinking about and discovering her own particular manner in that scene.


“Who’s triumphant?” asks Jones’ mom on the primary day of a Boxing Day Test, simply 30 minutes into it. That entireties up her comprehension of cricket, not being sport-slanted by any stretch of the imagination. However she was instrumental in moving her little girl’s hunger for cricket, not simply as far as driving her long separations for an amusement, yet even simply sitting at cricket reason for a considerable length of time at end. Despite the fact that she didn’t realize what precisely was going on, she did in light of the fact that Jones adored it so much – an affiliation which started in a residential community called Rutherglen, where Jones’ maternal grandparents lived.

It was a little nation town 300 kms from Melbourne, which in those days, would have, best case scenario, housed pretty much 1000 individuals. It was the place she spent her school and Christmas occasions playing cricket amid the summers with her cousins. “It began with knocking down some pins a great deal since I never truly got an opportunity to bat due to my six male cousins. I was the programmed wicketkeeper being the most youthful and attempting to get the more seasoned young men out,” giggles Jones. “You hit the ball into Nan’s chook shed and you’re out for the late spring, in like manner with Pa’s prized chrysanthemums – he developed blooms. It was long, sweltering Aussie summer days simply playing, playing and playing. I was in every case West Indies when we were playing and my cousins were Australia. I was Malcolm Marshall when I was knocking down some pins, and Viv Richards when batting!”

Family impacts aside it was John Handscomb – father of Test cricketer Peter Handscomb – who planted as well as progressively watered the inceptive seed of cricket in Jones’ life. Handscomb was Jones’ Geography instructor in secondary school; brought up in England, he moved to Australia and educated at Elwood High School for ages. Handscomb, couple with their physical preparing educator, Deb Noonan, shaped a young ladies’ group that got engaged with nearby ladies’ clubs. They in the end visited New South Wales and played in groups over the state, before visiting New Zealand.

“I was sufficiently fortunate to experience secondary school with various different young ladies who extremely loved cricket, which was somewhat remarkable and peculiar in those days,” says Jones. “I invested lunch energy, and time post-school hitting balls again and again. I adored it. He adored it. I simply needed to play cricket. I never knew there was an Australian ladies’ cricket group to begin with. My first idea was to play for the men’s group. There was no set pathway in those days, you just meandered erratically and attempted diverse things.”

Handscomb passed away two years back, passing up watching his child make his Test make a big appearance for Australia, however his diligent work and devotion with Jones satisfied as she proceeded to play five Tests and 61 one-day internationals for Australia somewhere in the range of 1998 and 2005.

It wasn’t simply cricket that had gotten Jones’ extravagant at an early stage – she was engaged with sports for various years. She inevitably surrendered the last to seek after a vocation in cricket, for which she gotten cash without precedent for 2005. It was the 2005 World Cup, in which Jones played her last diversion for Australia. They weren’t paid for playing in the competition, yet earned $305.78 after assessment. “After ten years, the Australian ladies’ group got full-time contracts. From ladies paying to play and losing cash, to increasing full-time contracts, it was a fast turnaround,” Jones reflects.

Without contracts, Jones’ age discovered approaches to make it work. For example, Jones filled in as an exercise center educator low maintenance while considering connected sciences and human development at Victoria University. Her supervisors were co-agent enough to change her days of work as needs be, to enable her equalization to work and preparing. She proceeded to finish a degree in instructing and is a qualified educator in auxiliary training. In spite of the fact that she has never shown scholastics in an auxiliary school, she put in a year as a PE educator before landing herself her first all day work with Cricket Victoria in 2005, managing cricket improvement for children. Yet, while Jones cherishes instructing, it would need to come to the detriment of communicate – the field that she is so widely associated with at present.

Before her incorporation in the IPL in 2015, Jones put in eight years calling the ladies’ amusement on Channel 9 and ABC Radio. Around the same time she was gobbled up by Channel 10 for the Women’s Big Bash League, an occasion that she has in this manner turn into a necessary piece of. She has limit commentated for the BBL and in addition the Pakistan Super League, and even loaned her voice to the Ashes Cricket 17 amusement.

In any case, it was amidst a BBL season that Jones got a torrent of not really kind remarks on Instagram requesting that her quit commentating. Turning a visually impaired eye didn’t help as they continued surging in; they proceeded to the point where Jones responded with the expectation that it would subdue the remarks. ‘I’m composing my acquiescence as of now’ she reacted with unfailing mockery. He didn’t miss it either, given the torrent of trolls that consequently attacked her. That is only one case of the kind of maltreatment that supporters persist in an age where console pundits strike from behind covers of eggshells. The lion’s share of such remarks will in general be coordinated at ladies.

“Before all else, you don’t know when to talk and when not to. Possibly the gathering of people was going, ‘What is she ranting about?’ Now you know there’s a procedure. I simply flinch to figure what I did it back in those initial couple of years. No one said anything, they simply released you. I’m simply appreciative I never swore on TV!”

Communicate wasn’t a piece of Jones’ bigger plan of things in any case; the open door introduced itself when she had been dropped for the 2001 Ashes. It was the first occasion when she was being paid – around 300 pounds to call the diversion. It was the start of a voyage that would in the long run shimmer with encounters aplenty. Jones is currently away for a half year a year, bridging mainlands, before returning for Australia’s mid year of cricket, where she has ostensibly had a portion of her most critical encounters in her juvenile vocation up until this point. By what other means would you be able to depict rubbing shoulders, truly, with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself?

“I was limit riding for a Big Bash amusement at the MCG when somebody said that Will Smith was at the diversion. You know Will Smith…he’s gigantic, however you don’t understand till he’s there exactly how huge a whiz he is! Everybody was losing their marbles! I never figured I would be a fan young lady, however I was for that minute,” she chuckles. “I changed my profile picture on Twitter instantly. The photograph was of him contacting my arm…Whoever would’ve figured I would rub shoulders with Hollywood eminence!”


‘Put on your best jeans, comfortable shoes and be daring!’ Jones says, of what she would tell a young lady who looked for her insight. Try to do you say others should do, they say, and Jones lectures, simply because she has honed. What’s more, her gutsy soul has just been fuelled by her interest – a characteristic she acquired from her mom, who she portrays as her superhuman.

“She’s only a tearing lady. Not on account of she was a solitary mum, I figure whether she was with my father or not, she would’ve done likewise,” says Jones with ardent deference. “She was in every case extremely quick to enable me to investigate whatever it was I needed to do as a child. I can recollect attempting actually each and every melodic instrument under the sun and she would give me a chance to play severely at home and in the auto and endure awful commotions – it wasn’t music, it was clamor! I was fortunate to have a mum who was extremely promising of me in kind of each sort of region,” says Jones, who declares to have made the trombone seem like the caution of a moving toward ship along Port Melbourne.

“I probably won’t stick to things for quite a while, similar to my melodic instruments, yet I dally a great deal. In the event that there’s something I am interested about, I will give it a shot and experience it. Like golf; it sets aside opportunity to discover time and discover individuals to play with. When I get back (to Australia), I need to get into charcoal illustration or painting or that sort of stuff.

“I’m likewise turning into significantly more socially cognizant. I simply sold my auto. I need to ride my bicycle more. I have a shop moral application on my telephone, so I’ve turned into a bit geeky on that front. I purchased a house now and I had nothing in there. So when I was purchasing merchandise, I’d utilize this application and if an organization demonstrates that they’ve had a D, creature testing, youngster work, working rights or whatever, I’d abstain from purchasing from them. A few people say in case you’re not purchasing an ice chest, you’re not changing the world, but rather on the off chance that we as a whole did our tad, it may help.”

Some portion of Jones’ development has experienced her curiosity. Despite the fact that she depicts herself as a loner to a vast degree, she isn’t the withdrawn kind who can remain restricted to the dividers of the inn rooms that her work relegates her.

“I would go batshit insane on the off chance that I sat in an inn space for about a month and a half on end! Furthermore, I’d be a bad dream to work with too. Like I stated, I’m extremely inquisitive about existence. I was sufficiently fortunate to visit India in 1994 with the Australian youth group. For every one of the players on that trip, it was most likely the best thing to have transpired. It simply opened our eyes up to such an extent. Young ladies from little nation towns that hadn’t seen the world and had never left Australia coming here and seeing a totally unique world. It changes your point of view of a ton of things. You’re ideally somewhat more astute. What’s more, it’s pleasant to return home and have discussions with anybody since now you’ve seen an alternate side to things and maybe simply plant the seeds to another line of thought or a thought. You don’t need to fundamentally change individuals’ psyches, yet it’s essential to be bold enough to have exchanges with individuals to open their eyes to various things.”

The degree of Jones’ interest, in any case, was confirm when she really looked into Mark Roberts on Google. He is the equivalent acclaimed streaker who has made his essence known over a horde of prominent donning occasions like the SuperBowl. Jones promises to explore where his visit started – something she guesses started on the Ashes voyage through 1998.

“We had a warm-up amusement in Yorkshire where we were all sitting on the sidelines. Belinda Clark and Michelle Goszko were batting and this person strolled past us. First thing we saw was that he was wearing all denim. So we just giggled at his dress sense to begin with, in light of the fact that there was no one else there. It was a warm-up diversion and it was simply us. He strolled at the edge of the ground, he sat watching the amusement. Unexpectedly, we turned upward and he’s out in the center. Exposed! So he peeled off, left his heap of garments, exits over there…He’s gone out to Belinda Clark and Michelle Goszko… I can’t recollect what he said. He at that point coolly strolled back, returned his pack on, strolled back past us and out of the ground. What’s more, no one said anything!

“The time that it took for this to occur, every one of the young ladies fell off, we’re similar to, What did he say?’ They can’t exactly recollect… we recently realized that something’s wrong! Ummm separated from the way that he was stripped!” She snickers madly. “Be that as it may, he had totally shaved down. He didn’t have a strand of hair other than what was on his head. What’s more, I think, right up ’til today – I must discover – that he’s a sequential streaker in English and American game. What’s more, I figure it’s this person. So this person has additionally done Ascot, the Superbowl, there was likewise a men’s Test match and I figure he begun his streaking venture with the ladies’ Ashes visit in 1998. That was peculiar.”

Jones resembles that light emission that gets through the front of dark on a cloudy day. Loaded with unbridled vitality, a pizzazz and looking for steady viewpoint, she difficulties and breaks generalizations. Over the most recent a half year, she has called cricket in the UK, viewed Lleyton Hewitt at Wimbledon, took in the Silverstone Circuit for multi day out, was at the Tour de France to watch the people occasions and is currently in the Caribbean for the Women’s World T20 2018. It’s not her energy for experience that emerges, but rather her affection forever, ticking off one section at any given moment on that bucketlist, unfurling the riddles of the world one giggle at once.

A beam of sunshine, breaking glass ceilings



Before her incorporation in the IPL in 2015, Jones put in eight years calling the ladies' amusement on Channel 9 and ABC Radio.

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