WCL Division 3 Preview: Nothing to lose but plenty to gain


The ICC’s World Cricket League, the opposition that has given the structure to worldwide 50-over cricket underneath full part level for as far back as decade, has nearly run its course. Only two more competitions stay before the change to the new CWC League framework was reported three weeks prior.

WCL Division 3, which gets in progress in Oman tomorrow, and Division 2, planned to be held in Namibia right on time one year from now, will decide the last standings for the sides at present positioned fifth fourteenth, and their submit in the new request for the coming cycle, which will keep running until the 2023 World Cup. The lower six of those sides; Oman, Kenya, Singapore, the United States, Uganda and Denmark, accumulated in Muscat yesterday and over the coming ten days will go after the two accessible spaces at the WCL’s swansong in Windhoek, and to protect their expectations of a place in the new CWC League 2 – the new debut Associate one-day rivalry.

The Format

Contrasted with the standard layout for World Cricket League divisional competitions, this release of Division 3 will be played over a marginally expanded timetable, occurring more than ten days as opposed to the standard eight, because of the way that just two reasonable grounds are accessible at Oman’s new reason fabricated office at Amerat. For a similar reason, the typical last position play-offs and last have additionally been rejected, leaving just the basic round-robin organize. Given that (of course) just two advancement spots are accessible, in any case, the play-off stage is no gigantic misfortune as it would have been unimportant as far as the reasonable result of the competition.

The upshot is a somewhat less rebuffing calendar than is standard, with sides each playing five matches more than ten days. The eleventh and seventeenth are booked save days, however given the climate standpoint for the competition it would be exceptionally astonishing on the off chance that they are required. Each group will play every one of their adversaries once, and last standings will be resolved first by focuses and afterward by net run rate as first sudden death round. The best two groups on the table will win advancement to Division 2, however as this is the last cycle of the WCL there will be no transfer to Division 4 nor will the center groups stay in Division 3, but instead the last four sides will all join Malaysia, Jersey, Vanuatu, Bermuda, Qatar and Italy in the new CWC Challenge League.

What’s at Stake

Given the absence of transfer, this Division 3 is preferably more win or bust over past versions. While there is successfully nothing to lose for the groups included, the stakes are ostensibly much higher than regular. The prompt objective is obviously taking one of the main two spots to win advancement to WCL Division 2 where the Division 3 champions and sprinters up will meet Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Namibia and Canada. The true objective is to proceed to complete in the main four at Windhoek, which ensures a place in the coming League 2 close by Scotland, the UAE and Nepal.

The last four at this Division 3 and the last two at Division 2 will be committed to the CWC Challenge League, a 12 group competition split into two gatherings of six, where they can hope to play 15 List An installations throughout around 27 months, with the victors of each gathering advancing to a “Test Play-off” competition by which they can win through to the primary World Cup Qualifier.

For the best four at Windhoek, a place in League 2 ensures no under 36 apparatuses over a comparable period, with all alliance matches concurred ODI status. It isn’t yet evident whether the four advanced groups will be given full national ODI status as groups, however whichever way they can hope to play more ODIs in the range of 2.5 years than most have played in their history to date. Group 2 additionally gives a more straightforward course to the World Cup Qualifier, with the best 3 groups advancing specifically, while the last four go to the previously mentioned “Test Play-off.”

In short at that point, with nothing to lose except for bounty to pick up, the stakes at this last WCL Division 3 are higher than they’ve at any point been.

The Teams

Hosts Oman would be firm top choices wherever the competition was held, and home preferred standpoint for the most part means a lot at divisional WCL competitions. Anything besides a main two complete would be a grave dissatisfaction for Zeeshan Maqsood’s side. Assignment from the phenomenal version of Division 2 back in February interfered with a move of three straight advancements for the “Red Brigade,” and they will be quick to remedy that misfortune in their first since forever competition on home soil.

At the Asia Cup Qualifiers two months prior, Oman’s first focused trip under Maqsood, they enlisted prevails upon Malaysia, Singapore and Nepal, in the end completing joint second in the association organize with possible champs Hong Kong and passing up the last just on net run rate.

Worked around the trio of moderate rocking the bowling alley bona fide allrounders of Maqsood, Aqib Illyas and Khawar Ali, with Bilal Khan and previous Pakistan under-19s snappy Fayyaz Butt giving a lucky left-right pace matching, Oman most likely gloat the most grounded assault in the Division. Similarly as with various sides at the competition, they have profited to some degree from the unwinding of the ICC’s improvement criteria for player qualification which lifted points of confinement on the quantity of players qualifying by residency and comprehended some dubious choice problems for the Omanis, with previous Goa under 19s left-arm spinner Badal Singh the most recent recipient.

Under typical conditions, Kenya, in like manner consigned from the last Division 2, would be solid top choices to ricochet straight back up. Surely for a side once discussed as an imminent full part Division 3 is a memorable nadir in Kenya’s fortunes. Their sad Division 2 in February incited a series of renunciations and accelerated an administration emergency which has just exacerbated ahead of the pack up to this competition with no reasonable authority inside the group nor in the workplace.

With Cricket Kenya’s records presently out of reach to any of the quarreling groups indicating to run the diversion back home, the group probably won’t have made it to Muscat at everything except for an eleventh hour mediation from Jackie Janmohammad, previous Cricket Kenya Chairman. Janmohammad (now leading the renascent Africa Cricket Council), is comprehended to have baffled up something in the locale of 10,000 USD to hinder a blacklist that may have additionally risked Kenya’s shaky position opposite the ICC.

It gives the idea that governmental issues have incited some very late changes to the visiting party, with the initially named skipper Collins Obuya not making the plane, and his sibling David, the secretary of the Cricket Kenya Interim Committee who was down as mentor instead of Maurice Odumbe, likewise missing. Obuya is supplanted by past right hand mentor Lameck Odhiambo, while it stays misty whether Shem Ngoche will return as chief or whether appointee Dhiren Gondaria will steer.

For all the strife at home, be that as it may, Kenya stay on paper one of the most grounded outfits at the competition, playing two divisions down from where they likely have a place. On the off chance that they can leave the quarreling at the limit they stay solid possibility for advancement.

Third-seeded Singapore barely passed up advancement at the past version of the competition, by and by missing out on net run rate, have been warming up in Doha where they were slated to play a couple of warm-ups against a Qatar XI, however they are clearly keeping the subtle elements calm. Division 3 has up to this point demonstrated something of a roof to Singapore’s advancement up the divisions, having leveled there for the past two cycles after unfaltering advancement from Division 6, which they facilitated just about 10 years back.

They remain untouchables to advance in front of this release, Chetan Suryawanshi driving much indistinguishable side from completed base of the heap at the Asia Cup Qualifiers – Singapore’s latest focused 50-over excursion. In any case, after last release’s close miss and with more liked sides in a level of strife Singapore may sniff an opportunity to go one better. Much will rely upon captain Suryawanshi and the accomplished Anish Paraam who completed best scorer at the Asia Cup Qualifiers. A main two spot would be something of a furious, yet Singapore are more than fit for springing a couple of shocks.

Despite the fact that close supervision from the ICC has guaranteed that the USA have not slid into indistinguishable sort from disorder of Kenya, regardless Saurabh Netravalkar’s side additionally touched base in Oman under a billow of discussion, to a limited extent because of his own height to the captaincy. Previous captain Ibrahim Khaleel was one of various players dropped in front of the visit, with the US apparently utilizing their cooperation in the West Indies Super 50 rivalry as much as an exploring exercise as readiness.

Call-ups for US visa holders Hayden Walsh and Aaron Jones, both of Barbados, created something of a clamor from the individuals who felt they had unjustifiably circumvent the US’ determination process, and surely the United States have taken full favorable position of the more liberal qualification rules presented a year ago. The side they take to Oman is stuffed with players with top of the line encounter abroad, and Netravalkar himself is one of four players in the squad to have spoken to a full part at under 19 level.

Given the abundance of ability and involvement in the side, not minimum that of star batsman Steven Taylor (one of only a handful couple of US-conceived players in the squad) the States should be chances on to at last achievement to Division 2 at the fifth endeavor, accepting they can put their choice wrangles behind them.

Individual Division 3 veterans Uganda, who have been at five of the past six releases, passed up advancement without precedent for 2017, rather winding up consigned to Division 4. Roger Mukasa’s side skiped once more from that competition in Kuala Lumpur not long ago, however that was a nearby run thing.

Uganda’s ongoing slide has been as much a factor of fortifying rivalry as any genuine relapse in their own side, and the group Mukasa takes to Oman is as solid as any they have placed out as of late. Various South Asian players who have been carrying out their specialty in Uganda’s residential groups have now come into the side, for example, Aziz Damani CC’s previous abroad master Riazat Ali Shah, a correct arm fast who spoken to Islamabad at under 19 level, Dinesh Nakrani – the emerge entertainer at the ongoing Africa B WT20 Sub-Regional Qualifier, and Irfan Afridi – a major hitting, leg-turning all-rounder in the shape of his acclaimed uncle Shahid.

Captain Mukasa played down his side’s aspirations in the Ugandan press in front of the competition, evidently uninformed of the ongoing changes to the opposition structure, saying that staying away from transfer was their first need. Given that assignment is off the table in any case, one expectations his side may modify their objective upwards.

In the interim individual Division 4 graduates Denmark will be targetting their arrival to Division 2, which has escaped them since the debut release in 2007. The Danes have been on something of a triumphant dash generally, barely winning advancement at Division 4 off the back of wins over Bermuda, Malaysia and Jersey, and finishing an ideal keep running at the European WT20 Qualifiers to top their gathering in the Netherlands this late spring.

In any case, Hamid Shah’s side should up their diversion in the event that they are to stand a shot of winning through this competition, having by and large battled against this level of rivalry. They sank to two continuous thrashings in the two warm-up matches they played at the ICC Academy a week ago, though against a close full-quality UAE this week.

Shah’s own endeavors there will give them some expectation however, piling on an amazing 90 off 108 balls against an ODI-standard assault. Denmark’s very own assault likewise did themselves credit in Dubai, youthful Jonas Henriksen grabbing five Emirati wickets on the visit while the turn segment by and large held the scoring in line.

Much will rely upon Shah himself together with veteran Freddie Klokker as they hope to lead a nearly unpracticed side through the hardest test they’ve looked in a few years.

The Venue

The Oman Cricket Academy, arranged about 20km outside of Muscat at Al Amerat, will have the competition. The reason manufactured office was simply introduced on Monday by His Highness Sayyid Haitham canister Tariq Al Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture, and flaunts 15 turf pitches crosswise over two grounds, watered by methods for a devoted turn around assimilation plant.

This being the main competition that the setting (and surely the nation) has facilitated, little can be said of conditions with certainty, however grounds in the area will in general be similarly ease back and offer help to turn. The estimate for the span of the competition is fine, with temperatures moving toward the high twenties or low thirties Celsius and the shot of mists, considerably less rain, remote.

In spite of the fact that the somewhat extended arrangement offers somewhat more rest than in standard in WCL competitions, the timetable stays rebuffing, with most sides playing on continuous days.

The Schedule

Friday, 9 Nov – Oman v Kenya, OC Turf 1; Uganda v Denmark, OC Turf 2

Saturday, 10 Nov – USA v Uganda, OC Turf 1; Oman v Singapore, OC Turf 2

Monday, 12 Nov – Kenya v USA, OC Turf 1; Denmark v Singapore, OC Turf 2

Tuesday, 13 Nov – Oman v Denmark, OC Turf 1; Uganda v Kenya, OC Turf 2

Thursday, 15 Nov – Singapore v Uganda, OC Turf 1; Denmark v USA, OC Turf 2

Friday, 16 Nov – USA v Uganda, OC Turf 1; Kenya v Singapore, OC Turf 2

Sunday, 18 Nov – Kenya v Denmark, OC Turf 1; Oman v Uganda OC Turf 2

Monday, 19 Nov – Singapore v USA, OC Turf 1

The Squads

DENMARK: Hamid Shah (skipper), Jonas Henriksen, Taranjit Singh Bharaj, Saif Ahmad, Anique Uddin, Bashir Shah, Zameer Khan, Nicolaj Damgaard, Anders Bulow, Mads Henriksen, Jino Jojo

KENYA: Shem Ngoche, Dhiren Gondaria, Rakep Patel, Irfan Karim, Alex Obanda, Pushpak Kerai, Nahendra Kalyan, Gurdeep Singh, Emmanuel Bundi, Sachin Bhudia, Nelson Odhiambo, Nehemiah Odhiambo, Lucas Oluoch, Elijah Otieno

OMAN: Zeeshan Maqsood (skipper), Jatinder Singh, Aaqib Ilyas Sulehri, Suraj Kumar,Khawar Ali, Muhammad Nadeem, Mehran Khan, Jay Odedra, Bilal Khan, Ahmad Butt, Kaleemullah, Sufyan Mehmood, Baadal Singh, Nestor Dhamba

SINGAPORE: Chetan Suryawanshi (skipper), Aahan Gopinath Achar, Rezza Gaznavi, Amjad Mahboob, Anantha Krishna, Anish Edward Paraam, Aritra Dutta, Sidhant, Janak Prakash, Arjun Mutreja, Manpreet Singh, Karthik Subramanian, Rohan Rangarajan, Abhiraj Rajdeep Singh

UGANDA: Brian Masaba (skipper), Arnold Otwani, Dinesh Nakrani, Bilal Hassun, Roger Mukasa, Hamu Kayondo, Ronak Patel, Henry Ssenyondo, Frank Nsubuga, Charles Waiswa, Irfan Muhammad, Kenneth Waiswa, Deusdedit Muhumuza. Riazat Ali Shah

USA: Saurabh Netravalkar (skipper), Jaskaran Malhotra, Nisarg Patel, Steven Taylor, Alex Amsterdam, Jannisar Khan, Roy Silva, Monank Patel, Timil Patel, Aaron Jones, Hayden Walsh Jr., Elmore Hutchinson, Muhammad Ali Khan, Nosthush Kenjige

WCL Division 3 Preview: Nothing to lose but plenty to gain



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