WWE Monday Night RAW Results – Kurt Angle Main Events, New Champions Crowned, Ronda Rousey, More

Welcome to our WrestlingINC.com Live WWE Monday Night RAW Viewing Party. This evening’s show originates from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England.

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens live on tape from Manchester, England as Michael Cole invites us. He’s joined by Renee Young and Corey Graves.

– The whole RAW program is on the stage. Security is guarding the ring. Acting RAW General Manager Baron Corbin turns out as JoJo does the presentation. Cole drives us to a video bundle with features from WWE Crown Jewel and new WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar’s prevail upon Braun Strowman, on account of Corbin.

Corbin invites us to RAW and notices requiring security since he’s so prominent. Corbin builds up WWE Survivor Series as the one time a year where RAW and SmackDown clash. Corbin plugs Lesnar’s commanding execution over Strowman and his Survivor Series coordinate with WWE Champion AJ Styles. He likewise plugs RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey versus SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in addition to the Traditional 5-on-5 Elimination matches. Each match is the shot for RAW to demonstrate it’s unrivaled. Corbin says they additionally have a score to settle after SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon stole the title of best on the planet from RAW and Dolph Ziggler. Corbin says RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon will address that one week from now. Corbin says RAW will rule at Survivor Series and when they do, he will go from Acting GM to full time GM. Corbin picked himself to be the Team Captain for the men’s group since he’s what they require. Corbin says his administrative obligations won’t enable him to contend in the match, so he will assemble the most overwhelming group conceivable. He declares Ziggler and Drew McIntyre as the initial two individuals. Strowman is additionally on the group.

Corbin says Strowman might be distraught at him however he will acknowledge Corbin just showed him a thing or two at Crown Jewel. Corbin says once Strowman comprehends he needs to regard expert, he will be the colleague they require at Survivor Series. Concerning ladies’ group, he required a lady with extraordinary abilities so it will be Team Captain Alexa Bliss picking the individuals. The music hits and Bliss comes walking out from the back, directly past Natalya and Sasha Banks on the stage. Banks heads to the ring. Rapture expresses gratitude toward Corbin and considers him the future changeless GM. She discusses picking the individual from the ladies’ Team RAW and says she’s a characteristic conceived pioneer. She says she will watch the ladies’ matches intently and she needs them to indicate they have the executioner senses they require in light of the fact that they won’t lose the B appear, not on her watch. She says this all begins today around evening time with an Evolution rematch – The Riott Squad versus Natalya, Banks and Bayley. Corbin likes the manner in which Bliss considers. Euphoria says she could become accustomed to this. She goes to begin the principal coordinate yet the music hinders and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle as the “you suck!” drones begin. Point says contending in the World Cup lit a fire under him and he needs to contend again at Survivor Series this quite a long time. Corbin says that was a year ago and he’s creation the choices this year. Corbin needs Angle to take a lasting excursion. Edge discusses how we chose things in the ring when he was near. He proposes a match with Corbin for today and on the off chance that he wins, he will be the Team Captain. Fans go wild. Point considers Corbin a shame to RAW after he stands up to. Corbin gives him the match and says Angle will get what he needs on the off chance that he wins however the main way he sees Angle going to Survivor Series is in the event that he purchases a ticket. Edge says the main way Corbin is going to Survivor Series is on bolsters after he breaks his lower leg. Point leaves and his music hits yet Corbin requests it’s cut. The “you suck” drones start up at Corbin.

Corbin says this is his show. Corbin requests they regard Bliss as she was going to talk. Ecstasy goes to begin the match again however the music hinders and out comes Braun. Strowman walks to the ring and begins dropping the security group at ringside. Corbin sits tight for a battle yet he withdraws when Braun enters the ring. Braun pursues Corbin up the incline and to the back. He drops Jinder Mahal as he approaches. Strowman fights with The Authors of Pain, The Ascension and others on the slope. Different Superstars participate and the list is grinding away. Strowman gets through and strolls around the back searching for Corbin. Strowman advises a staff member to reveal to Corbin he will get these hands this evening. We go to business as Strowman keeps searching for Corbin.

– Back from the break and Charly Caruso is with Natalya, Sasha Banks and Bayley backstage. They do trust today around evening time’s match will see them get the win like at WWE Evolution. Natalya devotes the match to her father, the late WWE Legend Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, and says she’s wearing his glasses to the ring for good fortunes.

The Riott Squad vs. Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natalya

We go to the ring and out first comes Natalya. She’s wearing The Anvil’s glasses. Sasha Banks is out straightaway, trailed by Bayley. They all go to the ring together. Out next comes The Riott Squad – Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott.

The chime rings and a fight breaks out as The Riott Squad assaults without a moment’s delay. Ruby misses a Riott Kick as the ring gets out however Natalya drops her into an early Sharpshooter. Liv and Logan give helps, enabling Ruby to turn it around for a 2 check. Natalya goes to the floor as Logan labels in. Logan empties against the cook’s garment and sends Natalya into the boundary as the ref checks. Logan brings it back in for a 2 check. Liv comes in and winds up getting a 2 check after a kick. Liv hurls Natalya to the floor as we go to business.

Again from the break and Liv keeps control of Natalya. Liv takes it to the corner and empties as the arbitrator cautions her. Liv misses in the corner however prevents Natalya from making the tag. Sasha gets the hot tag and decks the others on the cook’s garment. Keeps money with a dropkick to Liv and more offense. Manages an account with a knee to Liv from the cover and the twofold knees to Logan on the floor from the cook’s garment. Banks returns in and hits the twofold knees from the best rope to Liv. Manages an account with a Backstabber into the Banks Statement yet Ruby keeps running in and kicks her in the face.

Bayley keeps running in yet Ruby sends her out of the ring. Banks and Riott go at it now. Manages an account with a knee to the face. Bayley labels in and nails a running knee to Ruby in the corner. Banks catches up with knees in the corner as they twofold group Riott. Bayley hits the turnbuckles yet at the same time hurls Riott to the overskirt to hang her up throughout the second rope. Bayley runs the ropes and takes out Liv and Logan on the floor with a jump. Ruby comes directly over with a STO to Bayley on the floor. Riott brings it once more into the ring for a 2 rely on Bayley. Natalya revitalizes the group for Bayley now.

Bayley counters a suplex and moves Riott for a 2 tally. Riott returns appropriate to turn it around for a 2 tally. Riott keeps Bayley grounded now. Bayley hopes to battle back yet can’t turn it around. Logan comes in and keeps up the assault. Bayley battles up and out yet Logan dispatches her into the second rope confront first by her arm. Logan with another 2 check. Ruby hollers at Bayley to remain down. Liv returns and works Bayley over. Liv with a dropkick for a 2 tally. Liv hurls Bayley out of the ring as we return to business.

Once more from the break and Logan dropkicks Bayley for a 2 check. Logan works Bayley over and insults her. Natalya and Banks attempt to rally the group. Logan pushes Banks off the overskirt yet Natalya evades the shot. Natalya gets the hot tag, running over Logan and thumping the others off the cook’s garment. Natalya with a German suplex to Logan. Logan elbows Natalya yet Natalya counters and hammers her face-first for a 2 consider Ruby splits it up. Banks keeps running in and takes out Ruby yet Liv takes her out. Natalya with the tether to Liv. Natalya goes for the Sharpshooter on Logan and gets it secured from the center of the ring. Ruby shows up at ringside with The Anvil’s shades in her grasp, debilitating to break them. Natalya gazes at her and eases up off the Sharpshooter. Ruby breaks the glasses and Natalya gets passionate. The Riot Squad snickers and leaves together as fans boo them. Natalya cries and grabs the pieces as Banks and Bayley comfort her.

– Still to come, Angle versus Corbin. Additionally, a gander at DX versus The Brothers of Destruction from Crown Jewel.

– We see Braun Strowman backstage searching for Baron Corbin. Back to business.

Apollo Crews vs. Jinder Mahal

Once more from the break and out comes Jinder Mahal with Sunil Singh. Cole drives us to features from Triple H and WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels vanquishing Kane and The Undertaker at Crown Jewel. Cole affirms Triple H’s medical procedure for tomorrow. Out next comes Apollo Crews. We get a sidebar video from Crews, who says he will begin stacking his wins this evening and indicating everybody why he is the human feature reel of RAW.

The ringer rings and they go at it. Jinder takes control yet Crews turns it around, regardless of an impedance endeavor from Singh. Jinder cuts Crews off and covers for a nearby 2 check. Jinder keeps Crews grounded now. Teams battles up and exchanges shots with Jinder now. Jinder keeps away from a shot off the ropes and moves Crews up for 2. Teams returns with the enziguri. Teams presses Jinder and pummels him. Groups with the standing moonsault for the stick to win.

Winner: Apollo Crews

– After the match, Crews hits the corners to act like his music hits. We go to replays.

– We see Seth Rollins strolling backstage with the WWE Intercontinental Title and both RAW Tag Team Titles. Cole says there have been reports of Dean Ambrose being in the region today. We go to business.

– Back from the break and out comes WWE Intercontinental and RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins. He’s wearing both label title belts. We perceive how Dean Ambrose turned on Rollins after their title win on October 22.

Fans serenade “torch it” as Rollins takes the mic. Rollins says he anticipated turning out with three titles and a mammoth trophy yet things went poorly route in the WWE World Cup. Rollins likewise thumps Baron Corbin for helping Brock Lesnar get back the WWE Universal Title. He gets started up when discussing how Roman Reigns battled to take the title from Lesnar and with everything he’s battling for the time being, what Corbin did was a slap in the face to Reigns. Fans serenade “Roman” at this point. Rollins says it was a slap in the face to everybody, including the fans. Rollins says he would advise this to Lesnar’s face yet he’s not here today around evening time. Stunner, Rollins says. Rollins says one individual is here today – Dean Ambrose. Rollins says The Shield was large and in charge only fourteen days back. Rollins already endeavored to motivate Ambrose to come converse with him like a man however he wouldn’t and Rollins won’t squander our time by attempting once more. He’s here today around evening time due to the RAW Tag Team Titles.

It sounds like Rollins is going to give up the titles yet Corbin hinders from the extra large screen, talking from backstage. Corbin says Rollins and his accomplice should safeguard the titles at the present time. Against these folks… the music hits and out comes The Authors of Pain, Akam and Rezar, with WWE 205 Live General Manager Drake Maverick.

2-on-1 Handicap Match for the RAW Tag Team Titles: The Authors of Pain vs. Seth Rollins

The Authors of Pain hit the ring with Maverick as the ringer rings and JoJo does the presentations.

Akam begins off and runs at it with Rollins. Rollins before long battles them both off however the twofold group is excessively as Rezar levels Rollins with a clothesline. Rezar talks some junk while Rollins is down. We go to business.

Once again from the break and Akam covers Rollins for a 2 tally. Akam keeps control and grounds Rollins amidst the ring. Rollins breaks it with a jawbreaker. Akam whips Rollins hard into the corner and he goes down. Rollins kicks out at 2. Rezar returns and holds Rollins down. Akam labels back in and they go for a twofold group yet Rollins squares it with boots. Rollins clotheslines Rezar over the best to the floor. Rollins empties on Akam now.

Rollins nails a suicide jump on Rezar on the floor. Akam gets sent through the ropes now. Rollins runs the ropes again and nails a suicide plunge on the two rivals, bringing them down on the floor. Fans serenade “torch it!” as Rollins brings Akam back in. Rollins springboards in and brings him down. Rezar is up in the ring now yet Rollins drops him with a Slingblade. Rollins with a Blockbuster on Akam however he kicks out at 2. Drake gives a shout out to AOP as Rollins battles to get to his feet first. Rollins wrenches up for the Stomp as fans serenade “torch it!” once more.

Rollins kicks Akam however Drake gets on the cook’s garment to occupy the official, enabling Rezar to get included. They twofold group Rollins however he battles them both off with kicks to the face. Rollins drops Rezar with a kick and goes to the best. Rollins nails a Frogsplash on Rezar for a nearby 2 tally. Rollins drops Akam from the cook’s garment. Rezar obstructs a Stomp and nails a powerbomb. Akam labels in for the twofold group neckbreaker – powerbomb combo. Rezar makes the stick to win the titles.

Winners and New RAW Tag Team Champions: The Authors of Pain

– After the match, Drake hits the ring to celebrate with Akam and Rezar as they’re given the titles. They leave as the music stops and we see Dean Ambrose come strolling through the group. Ambrose gradually enters the ring as the “you sold out!” drones begin. Ambrose drops down to one knee before Rollins takes a mic. “You need to know why I did what I did?” Ambrose remains back up as Rollins inquires as to why. Ambrose decks him and drops him with Dirty Deeds as fans boo. Ambrose strolls the slope and stops at the best as Rollins recoups on the tangle. Ambrose holds strolling to the back. Cole inquires as to whether she can reveal any insight into what’s happening and she says she’s taken a stab at conversing with him about it yet there’s no prevailing upon him there this moment. We see Rollins attempting to get to his feet as the “torch it!” drones proceed.

– We recover a gander at Becky Lynch’s promotion on Ronda Rousey from a week ago’s SmackDown. Still to come this evening, Rousey will react. Back to business.

– We get a gander at how Braun Strowman annihilated security attempting to get to Baron Corbin prior today around evening time. Corbin is backstage with Charly Caruso now. She inquires as to whether he’s anxious about the results he will confront if Strowman gets him. Corbin says he didn’t run and he’s not apprehensive of Strowman. Corbin will be there if Strowman needs a match however Strowman needs to demolish him, not wrestle, and he’s not giving that a chance to occur. Caruso uncovers that Corbin set up a make-move studio in a storage space for this meeting. Corbin says she just told the reality where he is. Strowman shows up and takes out more individuals from the security group as Corbin retreats to wellbeing. Strowman strolls off searching for Corbin.

We go to the ring and out comes Dolph Ziggler.

Ziggler says Shane McMahon isn’t the best on the planet, regardless of how the WWE World Cup competition finished. Ziggler says we are taking a gander at the best on the planet. He goes ahead about how by and by he ruled and demonstrated he’s the best however what was the deal? The tricks kicked in. He discusses how Drew McIntyre was catapulted from ringside, how a SmackDown ref enabled The Miz to assault him from behind and how Shane harassed himself into a competition he wasn’t even in… Ziggler is hindered by the sound of Elias’ guitar.

Elias begins playing under the spotlight as the field goes wild for him. Elias says the group response is the regard he merits. Elias tends to Ziggler’s protests and will aggregate it up genuine fast – Ziggler is a washout. Elias makes reference to Oasis and how the Gallaghers said they would rejoin in view of his tune. Ziggler hinders however Elias instructs him to quiets down and let him sing. Elias plays out his most recent tune and takes shots at Ziggler with the verses. Ziggler challenges Elias to come say it in his face and here he comes as the group pops. We go to business as Elias strolls to the ring.

– Back from the break and we get a brisk take a gander at The Lucha House Party. We slice to a backstage promotion from The Revival, who thumps The Lucha House Party for conveying kicks and flips to RAW. They say the RAW label group division has no space for The Loser House Party and they will send them back to 205 Live where they have a place.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Elias

We go to the ring and this match is starting. Forward and backward to begin off. Ziggler associates with a dropkick and talks some waste. Elias turns it around and drops Ziggler with an elbow for a 2 tally. Elias takes Ziggler back to the tangle and keeps him grounded.

Ziggler turns it around with a shabby uppercut out of the corner. Ziggler with a neckbreaker for a 2 check. Ziggler holds Elias down with a bodyscissors now. They tangle some more on the tangle. Ziggler with strikes after they work to their feet. Elias with a donkey kick from the corner. Elias goes to the best and goes for a major elbow drop yet Ziggler takes off of the way. The two men are down as we go to business.

Again from the separate and Ziggler has Elias amidst the ring. They battle up and Elias hinders a neckbreaker with a lose the faith for a 2 tally. Ziggler with an uppercut and another stick endeavor for 2. Ziggler talks some waste and drives Elias around. Elias handles Ziggler and rocks him. Ziggler battles back and steps on the knee. Ziggler rakes Elias’ face over the best rope as the ref cautions him. Ziggler with shots in the corner now. Elias battles out of the corner and Ziggler battles back. Ziggler with a neckbreaker.

Ziggler remains over Elias and shows off a few. Ziggler drops an elbow to the chest for a 2 tally. Ziggler keeps Elias grounded with another accommodation, advising the arbitrator to inquire as to whether he stops. They get up and exchange shots amidst the ring now. Elias drops Ziggler with a shoulder handle. Elias empties with steps in the corner. Elias keeps control however Ziggler misses a counter after an Electric Chair and they tangle back and forward. Elias hangs Ziggler with a bouncing knee for a 2 tally. Ziggler counters a move however misses a boot. Elias counters and nails the sitdown powerbomb for a nearby 2 check. They get up and exchange more strikes. Ziggler empties and moves Elias up for a 2 tally. Elias hinders the Zig Zag. Ziggler avoids a knee and hits the Zig Zag for a nearby 2 consider Elias gets his foot on the base rope.

Ziggler contends with the official about the consider fans pop. Ziggler indicates disappointment as the group energizes for Elias. Elias gets Ziggler and nails Drift Away for the win.

Winner: Elias

– After the match, Elias stands tall and has his arm raised as the music hits. We go to replays as Ziggler watches Elias make his exit.

– Still to come, Ronda Rousey will address her Survivor Series rival. Back to business.

– Charly Caruso is backstage with Kurt Angle to discuss today around evening time’s match with Baron Corrbin. Point says he knows Corbin’s shortcomings and he knows how to beat him.

– We go to the ring and out comes RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey as the hosts publicity her Survivor Series coordinate with SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Fans serenade Rousey’s name before she takes the mic. Ronda raises how Becky said she would rip her arm off at Survivor Series. Ronda gives Becky a few props and fans serenade her name quickly. Rousey acclaims Becky for her execution at WWE Evolution and says Becky has her regard yet Becky better not mistake her regard for shortcoming. Rousey says she is the last lady who Becky needs to slight. Ronda thumps Becky for going to jokester school and being an attendant. Rousey says she cherishes the new Becky and the new state of mind however it will take significantly in excess of another disposition to beat her. Rousey says she is a characteristic conceived executioner and in about fourteen days, she needs Becky to bring every last bit of her tension, her fury her repressed hatred, everything she has on the grounds that Ronda needs a test. Becky may state she’s The Man however Ronda is the baddest b – h on the planet, she says. Animate drops the mic and her music hits.

Rousey is going to leave the ring when Nia Jax’s music hinders and out she comes. Jax says Ronda is altogether started up and made her go in the back. Jax says Survivor Series resembles Evolution, she’s battling for the whole RAW locker room, not simply herself. Jax knows Ronda won’t let them down yet after she makes Becky tap at Survivor Series, Jax will sit tight for her. Champ. They gaze at one another and Rousey chuckles. The music hinders and out comes Ember Moon to the ring. Cole drives us to a video bundle on WWE’s new organization with Girl Up.

Nia Jax versus Coal Moon

We return from the video as Nia Jax and Ember Moon gaze each other down in the ring. Back to business.

Over from the break and we get the ringer. They go at it and Moon hopes to mount offense. Jax just hurls her out of the ring. Jax brings it once more into the ring however Moon nails a kick. More forward and backward currently as Moon hopes to mount some energy. Jax gets her in mid-crossbody to turn it around. Jax commands Moon now and dispatches her over the ring. Jax works over Moon while she’s down and covers for a 2 check. Jax ties Moon up in an accommodation currently, advising the official to inquire as to whether she stops. Moon begins blurring in the hold.

Moon at long last battles out and ducks a clothesline. Jax overwhelms yet Moon kicks her a couple of times. Jax drives Moon to the tangle to cut her off. Jax scoops Moon and sends her face-first into the best turnbuckle. Jax levels Moon again and runs the ropes for a major leg drop however Moon takes off of the way. Jax gets up first however Moon kicks her in the head. Moon with another counter and more strikes as she makes a rebound. Moon springboards with a crossbody for a 2 consider Jax controls up. Moon shouts out and shakes Jax with a major lower arm. Jax still kicks out at 2, sending Moon flying over the ring with the kick out.

Jax pushes Moon into the corner however misses a sprinkle as Moon moves off the beaten path. Moon goes for the tornado DDT however Jax squares it. Moon with an enziguri however Jax is as yet standing. Jax gets Moon with a Samoan Drop for the stick to win.

Victor: Nia Jax

– After the match, Jax recoups and raises her arms until the point when the music hinders and out comes Tamina Snuka. Tamina walks to the ring as Jax watches. They gaze each other down, remaining over Moon. Tamina looks down at Moon, as does Jax. Tamina gets Moon and nails a Samoan Drop, directly before Jax. A few fans boo. Jax looks confounded yet she advises Tamina to turn Moon over. Tamina transforms Moon over into a Boston Crab. Jax begins dropping elbow on Moon as fans boo. Jax drops another top dog to Moon while Snuka holds her down. Jax and Tamina embrace amidst the ring and raise their arms as Jax’s music hits. Snuka and Jax leave together.

– Kayla Braxton is backstage with Finn Balor. Balor says Bobby Lashley is the most great and dangerous man he’s been in the ring with and he’s getting more extreme every week. Balor calls Lio Rush a little runt while referencing his ongoing impedance. Balor says Manchester has been a city separated yet today around evening time the city is Balor Club and Balor Club is for everybody. Balor is all grins as he strolls off. Still to come, Lashley versus Balor. Back to business.

– Back from the break and the broadcasters publicity WrestleMania 35 travel bundles, discounted now.

– Charly Caruso gets up to speed with Baron Corbin backstage and he censures her for how Braun Strowman continues discovering him. Corbin says he has a crisis arrangement today around evening time and won’t confront Kurt Angle. Drew McIntyre is his substitution. Corbin bounces in an auto and drives off all right surges in to attempt and catch him. Corbin hurries away.

Bobby Lashley versus Finn Balor

We go to the ring and out comes Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush, who isn’t talking on the mic yet. They enter the ring and Rush takes the mic. Surge acclaims Lashley and tackles Manchester. Surge goes ahead about Lashley’s constitution. A few fans serenade “exhausting!” and Rush instructs them to get over it. Surge says the group has made Lashley vexed and now he will take it out on Finn Balor. Balor’s music hits and out he comes. Balor does his passageway and we return to business.

Once again from the break and the match starts. Lashley overwhelms and takes control for the initial couple of minutes. Lashley with a major suplex for a 2 check. Balor battles back yet Lashley kicks him in the gut. Balor sends Lashley out of the ring with a dropkick. Balor runs the ropes for a plunge however Rush outings him to boos. Lashley mounts Balor with right hands for a 2 check. Lashley keeps Balor grounded now as Rush grins.

Lashley controls up from the hold and hammers Balor for a 2 check. Lashley keeps Balor grounded amidst the ring once more. Lashley with a neckbreaker for another nearby stick endeavor. Lashley holds Balor down in the corner as the ref checks. Surge barks orders from ringside however he’s never again utilizing the mic like earlier weeks. Balor hopes to mount offense now. Balor moves Lashley up for a 2 tally. Balor keeps control and nails a twofold step as fans applaud him. Balor with a major hack in the corner. Lashley gets Balor on his shoulder however he slides out and hits a Slingblade for a pop.

Balor charges for the corner dropkick however Lashley bursts out with a major clothesline. Lashley charges in the corner however Balor moves. Lashley elbows Balor off the cook’s garment. Balor goes down on the smock now. Lashley suplexes Balor in from the cook’s garment and holds him high noticeable all around before cutting him down. Balor kicks out at 2. Lashley looks somewhat baffled at this point. Balor with a counter for a 2 check. Balor drops Lashley in the corner and goes to the best. Surge runs obstruction from the cover. Balor returns to the best yet needs to move through as Lashley gets up. Balor sends Lashley out of the ring. Balor takes out Rush at ringside for a pop. Balor charges to dropkick Rush into the obstruction however Lashley takes him out in mid-air. Lashley brings Balor over into the ring and hits the gutwrench confront first into the tangle for the stick.

Champ: Bobby Lashley

– After the match, Lashley stands tall over Balor as the music hits. Surge enters the ring to remain with him. The music hinders and out comes Drew McIntyre to a pop. Attracted walks to the ring and gazes everybody down. Lashley watches Drew enter the ring. Drew enters and gazes comfortable, getting in his face and challenging him to swing. Lashley backs off and leaves the ring with Rush. Drew watches Lashley leave and afterward swings to Balor to enable him to up from the tangle. Fans cheer. Drew turns and gazes at Balor, at that point pushes him into the ropes to level him with a Claymore Kick. Drew remains over Balor as his music begins back up. Drew stands tall as we return to business.

Kurt Angle versus Drew McIntyre

Once more from the break and Drew looks on as WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle advances out, hoping to wind up the Team Captain for the men’s Survivor Series group. Point assaults ahead of schedule to begin yet the arbitrator reestablishes request and we get the ringer.

They go at it and exchange shots. Drew turns it around and associates with a firm headbutt. McIntyre empties in the corner now. Drew drops Angle again and takes a shot at the arm while keeping him grounded amidst the ring. Fans endeavor to rally for Angle as he battles up from his feet. Point rocks Drew yet Drew drops him with an elbow for a speedy stick endeavor. Drew with a neckbreaker as fans serenade for Angle. Stepped returns to take a shot at the arm.

Drew with a major hack in the corner. Edge returns and hits the Angle Slam out of the blue. Edge hopes to underwrite however Drew takes off of the ring for a breather. We return to business.

Once again from the break and Drew nails a neckbreaker for a 2 check. We perceive how Drew sent Angle into the steel ring ventures amid the break. Drew with a suplex and more offense as he holds Angle down. Edge battles up out of a hold yet Drew gets him in a gut to-gut toss for a 2 check. Attracted empties the corner and whips Angle as the ref cautions him. Moved brings Angle down by the arm and keeps him there as fans attempt to rally.

Edge battles up and out again yet Drew scoops him. Point slides out and hits a German suplex. Edge keeps it held for two more Germans. Point drops the lashes for a pop. Edge goes for another Angle Slam however Drew winds up hitting a major Claymore Kick. Drew gazes at Angle while he’s down. Edge attempts to control up as Drew talks junk, ridiculing him. Fans serenade for Angle. He goes for the leg however watches disoriented and out of it as Drew just brings him down. Point battles on the two knees presently as Drew offers his leg to him, ridiculing him. Edge goes for the leg however Drew stands up to. Moved brings him down and beats on his back. Edge appears to get enthusiastic as Drew just giggles.

Drew considers Angle a weakling and a shame to himself, his family. Drew snatches Angle by the face and holds putting him down with put-down. Point starts up and snatches the leg, going for the lower leg bolt. Point gets it connected amidst the ring. Coaxed controls out and kicks Angle away yet grasps his leg in agony. Drew controls up with Angle’s own turn, the Angle Slam. Drew utilizes another Angle move now and applies the lower leg bolt. Point at last taps out for the wrap up.

Victor: Drew McIntyre

– After the ringer, Drew keeps the lower leg bolt connected for a couple of additional seconds as the official cautions him. Drew stands tall as his music plays and we go to replays. Point is still down on the tangle as Drew insults and snickers some more on out of the ring. A few fans boo as McIntyre walks up the slope. Crude runs off the air with Angle returning to his feet in the ring as Drew looks on from the stage.

WWE Monday Night RAW Results


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