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Brazilian Grand Prix preview: Interlagos ready for Lewis Hamilton’s title party

Another world title was once again wrapped up with races to spare thanks to a second-placed finish at United States Grand Prix. With Hamilton now the second most successful F1…

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The final fireworks! 2019

The final fireworks! 2019 pic.twitter.com/QEpNUyVRZ2 — Sports7x (@Sports7x1) November 11, 2019

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Lewis Hamilton has ‘more championships to win’ after sixth world title secured

The 34-year-old has celebrated his Mercedes team’s record-breaking sixth consecutive drivers’ and constructors’ championship double at their UK bases. Hamilton said he was “living my dream” and that he “never…

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How Formula 1 is aiming to be ‘more exciting and race-able’ in 2021

Everyone involved in the sport has known for years that one of its biggest problems is that the cars cannot easily race closely together. Now, F1’s bosses have set themselves…

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Equation 1 test: Williams resigns from the opening day in Barcelona

The group’s associate executive, Claire Williams, says the vehicle will be hung on Tuesday, the second of four days of testing at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. A week…

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McLaren: the MCL34 vehicle was exhibited for the 2019 Formula 1 season

The group had the second slowest vehicle for a large portion of last season, yet came 6th in the class, on account of the exertion of Fernando Alonso. The two-time…

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Ferrari expects the new SF90 F1 vehicle to end its 10-year dry season

Ferrari lost to Mercedes in 2018, in spite of having a quicker vehicle, somewhere around each time their opponents, after a progression of mistakes by Sebastian Vettel and hardware. The…

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Mercedes: Toto Wolff says the group “underestimates nothing”

The group, driven by five-time best on the planet Lewis Hamilton, has won the last five constructor titles. Talking at the dispatch of the Mercedes 2019 vehicle, the AMG F1…

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Toro Rosso: the new STR14 vehicle highlights numerous Red Bull pieces for the 2019 season

The lesser Red Bull group is exploiting this year the new decides that enable groups to purchase parts of their opponents. Haas, situated in the United States UU., Has driven…

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Equation 1: Racing Point to proceed as the successors of Force India

Canadian very rich person Lawrence Stroll gained Force India when he fell in control in July, at first calling him “Dashing Point Force India”. The walk had said in December…

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