Trevor lee’s Dream comes true: signed with WWE

The champion of impact X division, Trevor Lee, announced at continental wrestling federation (CWF) mid Atlantic event held in Gibsonville that he has signed officially with WWE and said he will come in the event at February 2 in which there is six way match for the title.

He also twitted that he is a free agent now and he ended up with impact wrestling.

Lee spoke with sports illustrated and tell about his dream of going to WWE in honor of his late father, he said that,

“I would love to go to WWE or New Japan,” Lee said. “I’ve done a lot in the United States in terms of big independent companies, I’ve wrestled in Mexico, Canada, England, and India, but I’d love to go to Japan. … I’m not chasing my father’s dreams, but I do want to do something for him. And it’s for me, as well. Ultimately, I would like to go to WWE. That’s the dream. It’s always something my father really wanted for me.”

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