US ultrarunner who breaks world records fuelled on tacos and beer

The ultrarunner of US Camille Herron breaks the world records after eating Taco Bell and drinking Beer.

The ultrarunner of US Camille Herron breaks the world records after eating Taco Bell and drinking Beer.

“I walked a couple of laps while I ate Taco Bell and drank beer.”
The ultrarunner of US Camille Herron breaks the world records after eating Taco Bell and drinking Beer.

Camille Herron, an athlete, is not an ordinary one. But she the ‘no ordinary athlete’ then another time would do 655 and a half laps for twenty-four hours all over the track.

In doing so they wouldn’t break the 2 world records. In 24 hours she ran about 162.9 miles and in thirteen hours and twenty five minutes she finished the 1st hundred miles at Desert Solstice in Arizona in December, both of the records are on the track of new women.

She went 5 miles ahead of the man who ended in 2nd place.

Her bearing power seems like it has no limits, so far for the medium level runner, even running only one-fourth of the distance she covered would definitely set them in pain. But It looks like she doesn’t feel the pain.

“I had seven stress fractures when I was a young athlete but I didn’t know my bones were broken,” she says. “I didn’t think the pain was that bad.”

Camille Herron, on Christmas Day while celebrating her thirty seventh birthday, says to BBC Sport regarding to her comparisons with Billy Elliot a fictitious ballet dancer, laughing through dispossession and taking her sports to the Olympic Games.

‘Taking a leap of faith’ – from marathons to 100 miles

Fourteen years ago Camille Herron, who is a resident of Oklahoma, was a creative runner who run seventy miles per week. Conor, her husband now, was the real athlete among them so far on their 1st run with each other, she had the ability to go very far.

As he gave her so much of encourage, her career as a runner is ended and she moved to get 21 marathon’s victory. But still there was a lot of energy in her and some new chances and challenges are required.
“It was a pretty scary thing to go from a marathon to running 100km, which is more than twice the distance,” she says.

“I just had to take a leap of faith and believe that I could do it. I joked that it was like Billy Elliot doing ballet for the first time, it was this amazing feeling of ‘I think I’m meant to do this’. It just felt incredible.

“I found my calling in life after taking this leap of faith and I believed that I could do it.”
The ultrarunner of US Camille Herron breaks the world records after eating Taco Bell and drinking Beer.

In 2015, she finished her 1st 100 kilometer race after underperforming at 2 smaller runs, and while doing this she broke a record made by “the greatest ultrarunner of all time” the Ann Trason.

Venturing into the unknown – and fighting off sleep

Camille Herron takes about 4 to 6 ultras in one year but now in 2018 she aimed and took the decision to work even more harder than ever before.

The Invitational of Desert Solstice looks thirty runners select one of or both of them, a hundred mile or twenty four hour race carried on at a Phoenix high school simultaneously on a Four hundred meter track.

Camille Herron had set her new goal on breaking the world records after the moment when she broke the 100 kilometer record of Trason, and this race which took place on 8-9Dec, was a chance for her to do so.

“It was the furthest I had gone and I had to wrap my head around the idea of going for 24 hours, having to run through the night and troubleshoot these things that you don’t experience on the shorter distances,” she says.

“You’re pushing through a period when your body wants to go to sleep, so I was venturing into the unknown doing the 24 hour race, but at the same time, it was an exciting thing to do something I had never done before.”
So far regardless of increasing her race distances, she still runs like a runner of marathon. Before Desert Solstice her longest training run distance was about 20.5miles.

“The first couple of ultras that I did, I was trying to alter my training, trying to do longer training runs and cover more miles, but I found that it broke me down, made me really tired and made me underperform,” she says.

Fast food and zombies

Any of the athelete who is a long-distance runner is habitual with the pain of breaking that hidden block wall but when it happens with Herron, she still had 6 further hours for the race. She had looked the sun set but to rise there is still so much time.

Herron and her husband fortunately had a plan B with them. It includes a dash to Herron’s favourite restaurant of fast food.
The ultrarunner of US Camille Herron breaks the world records after eating Taco Bell and drinking Beer.

“We decided that if I got to a point like that, I would try to take in more sustenance,” she says. “They had actually gone to Taco Bell and got some double-decker tacos ready for me, and some beer.

“It felt like I was a zombie, like I was in a trance. This was my first time running the distance so I didn’t really know what I was experiencing but I felt like my mind took over my legs.”

Ginger Beer, Coca Cola and also the sports drinks and expected water, were also there in the menu of the race, which helped in reducing the boredom every 4 hour among the runners.

Beating men and the Olympics

Herron has burned larger than 10K calories after going through 3 pairs of trainers, and before getting sick from exhaustion she must be caught when the 24 hours was completed. She had to be sent inside on a wheelchair but she still was smiling.

The man Jacob Jackson who covered 157.58 miles took the second place while Herron was the winner of the race by some distance.
The ultrarunner of US Camille Herron breaks the world records after eating Taco Bell and drinking Beer.

“It was the most exciting thing that I beat a highly competitive men’s field. I’m over the moon that it actually happened,” she says.

Next challenge for her is the twenty four hour World Championships and she also had some larger targets on her way i.e. to transform ultrarunning as an Olympic sport.


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