WWE Raw results, Jan. 28, 2019


Seth Rollins def. Dignitary Ambrose

Seth Rollins won the men’s Royal Rumble Match, showed the sign and is on The Road to WrestleMania, regardless of whether it isn’t prepared. In spite of the fact that the Kingslayer had guaranteed to set aside his opportunity to choose who might test in the Showcase of the Immortals, Triple H came to constrain the hand of his previous student to advise you that WWE Champion Daniel Bryan and Universal Champion Brock Lesnar would be in Building later in the night, and Rollins needed to gather his toxin toward the night’s end.

The get-together of the King of Kings was immediately intruded, be that as it may, by Dean Ambrogio, who figured out how to advance into a fight against Rollins to evacuate a couple of features (Rollins never crushed without help) and hit a nerve with Triple H, who at first wavered to play (“Do you have to ask authorization from your dad in-law?”). Actually, Ambrose had the quantity of Rollins from the earliest starting point, as a mix of wear and the broadness of the decision before him appeared to leave the modeler a slower pace than expected. In actuality, nearly Ambrose catches Rollins to The Magistral, yet has recouped the Exterminator The trademark, reacting with bucklebomb, the superkick and Stomp to avoid Ambrose, much obvious disappointment of The Lunatic Fringe.

Nia Jax and Tamina def. Alexa Bliss and Mickie James will meet all requirements for the Women’s WWE Tag Team Championship

Authoritatively we have a couple title Elimination Chamber change group Championship Women’s Championship – and, maybe, a top pick: the primary label group to fit the bill for the notable fight will be Nia Jax and Tamina, because of a triumph over Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. The greater part of the credit for the triumph is for The Irresistible Force, whose prevailing season in the men’s Royal Rumble Match appears to have rejuvenated his certainty. (He even moved toward Dean Ambrose, who was as yet cooked before the diversion, ousting The Lunatic Fringe from the ring with an elbow on the back of his head). Delight and Mickie astutely endeavored to keep Nia out of the ring, yet when she went to the amusement, she appeared to be certain she had spared him. This is the thing that he did, because of a twofold Samoan Drop that dispensed with his rivals and, maybe, gave a case of the things that would be incorporated into the Elimination Chamber.

Aristocrat Corbin def. Kurt Angle

You may recollect a couple of months back when Kurt Angle was assaulted by Drew McIntyre, yet what you probably won’t recall is that the Olympic saint was initially planned to confront Baron Corbin that night. In this way, Angle’s battle with the previous CEO was not only a fight with the man who supplanted him as Raw sprinter, however an open door for the WWE Hall of Fame to request certain long haul recovery .

Sadly, the recovery slipped between his fingers, as did the single wolf’s lower leg. Point took Corbin in his particular Ankle Lock and extended, yet Corbin got away from the move, dropped his foe with the Deep Six and held him for three. Edgy to rub his triumph before the gathering of people, Corbin came back to the ring to control End of Days to Angle and come full circle in a night of complete retribution, however not for the man everybody anticipated.

Intercontinental boss Bobby Lashley confronted Finn Bálor

Picking a Kimura Lock was not the last Finn Bálor imagined for his gathering with Brock Lesnar. Be that as it may, the Irishman was happy to consider him an ethical triumph, evaluating the consequent annihilation of Lesnar on him as an impression of the way that, despite seemingly insurmountable opposition, he transformed the Conqueror into an adherent and set up himself as a danger. Bobby Lashley? It isn’t so natural to persuade.

The All Mighty and Lio Rush took to the ring to deal with Bálor’s costs: a touch of overcompensation, Finn contemplated, for Lashley’s practically quick takeoff from the Royal Rumble Match. The intercontinental boss reacted by heartlessly dropping the Irish multiple times previously Rush secured his shirt with the body of the fallen whiz. It was a dispiriting closure for the fantasy of the Extraordinary Man in the Universal Title, however there could be a positive side to the fallen David: this time, Goliath appears to contact him

The restoration def. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

A week ago’s Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins coordinate was a vital minute in very nearly 10 years, yet previous WWE Tag Team Champions have far to go before they can impart to individuals like The Revival, who are in as far as possible now in regards to his correspondence and aptitudes. Add to the way that Hawkins still can not dispose of the monstrous juju of his losing arrangement, and that the Prince of Queens is prepared for a broke machine after Ryder has been kicked out of the ring. Extreme Broski has upheld his companion after the misfortune, however there is still work to be finished.

Jeff Jarrett and Road Dogg confronted Elias

Elias isn’t glad Living reality may have turned into a man of the general population for a moment, however those days have been abandoned and now act just for himself. Clearly, this did not run well with Jeff Jarrett, who conveyed a guitar to the back of the Royal Rumble, however another harmed gathering was the Road Dogg, which returned for an ad libbed pair of “With My Baby Tonight” together at the WWE Hall of Fame to compensate for the show Elijah did not have any desire to give him. The Living Truth was not awed again and crushed the guitars on the spirit of the D-O-Double-G and, after a short shot, Jarrett himself.

Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan def. Natalya and Dana Brooke will fit the bill for the Women’s Tag Team WWE Tag Team Championship

It gives Dana Brooke credit: it improves each time you get in the ring. All things considered, they demand that it is superior to Natalya can be somewhat brave, particularly whenever associated with Natalya and there is the likelihood of history in danger. Do the trick it to state that the offhand group of Dana and Harts Queen does not prompt the compensation per-view to the disposal Chamber, as Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan, Squadron Riott, vanquished in fitting the bill for the vital WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Game .

Brooke turned out to be more diligently to keep than anticipated, despite the fact that Natalya took control of the catching Morgan in the Sharpshooter. Dana attempted the impedance with Ruby Riott on the forecourt and oversaw, just to have Logan overpowered Natalya, breaking control and leaving defenseless against a Liv roll. Natalya, justifiably, did not have one of the accompanying Brooke apologize, but rather Dana was never ready to give their misfortunes a chance to influence it. Maybe you also exploit this chance.

Rough ladies’ victor Ronda Rousey def. Bayley (Open Challenge)

Sasha Banks conveyed Ronda Rousey as far as possible at Royal Rumble. Bayley beat Sasha Banks in an assault that gave one of the foundations of ladies’ advancement. So might One be able to Huggable succeed where his colleague is sheltered against the most exceedingly awful lady on earth?

No, he proved unable. Be that as it may, he was close, halfway in light of steady harm to the manager and the open test stipulates Bayley gave a component of astonishment. Knee damage The most exceedingly terrible lady on earth has likewise given Bayley an additional leg (as it were), and The One Huggable promoted with a great knee bar. He even attempted to succeed truly where the banks did not matter the bank articulation. At the point when that fizzled, Bayley ran a high hazard to ascend to the rope, and Rousey beat her, pulling the tensioner and placing him in an armbar to defeat accommodation.

Normally missing hotshot who won the ladies’ Royal Rumble, who held resentment against Rousey for a considerable length of time and needed to settle on a choice on which they will look at WrestleMania: Becky Lynch. The shadow of Man wound up extraordinary notwithstanding when Rousey and Bayley shook turns in the ring. And after that …

Becky Lynch tested Ronda Rousey for a ladies’ title coordinate at WrestleMania

Discussion about the man, and she will show up. Notwithstanding being reported to disclose her WrestleMania challenge at SmackDown LIVE tomorrow evening, ladies’ victor Royal Rumble Encounter, Becky Lynch, raised her make a beeline for Raw to confront Ronda Rousey and test the everlasting feature.

The reason, among others, was that Becky needed to comprehend some extraordinary issues: to be specific that Rousey never minded Lynch humiliated last November, so Becky chose to bring the circumstance into their own hands and point to the “spiritualist” “of Ronda on the facade of the entire world. At long last, eye to eye with the rival who had been searching for quite a long time, Rousey demonstrated no dread against the man, promising to “claim” their testing In the show and make tracks in an opposite direction from the ring, while Lynch is left, a grin tricky that crosses his face. Here we are

Braun Strowman def. Drew McIntyre through exclusion

Braun Strowman battled great battle and nearly lost the WrestleMania battle in the men’s Royal Rumble Match. What’s more, having saluted Seth Rollins on a merited fight, the beast among the men directed his concentration toward some pending undertaking with Drew McIntyre, who helped Strowman harm two or three months prior and has not contacted his skates from that point forward.

That surely finished when Strowman controlled these hands to the Scottish Psychopath, yet grabbed the last prize by more than one way: the obstruction of Baron Corbin gave Strowman’s triumph by exclusion (one if unacceptable exacting triumph), and a twofold. – An assault by the couple has crushed The Gift of Destruction, which endured a twofold chokeslam on the steel steps.

Seth Rollins tested Brock Lesnar to an all inclusive title at WrestleMania

Seth Rollins did not transparently profess to test best on the planet Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania, however the victor of the men’s Royal Rumble Match did not need to do it to demonstrate his feeling. The Kingslayer assaulted The Beast in the last snapshots of Raw, cutting Paul Heyman on the correct when he was attempting to persuade Rollins that it was smarter to challenge Daniel Bryan. Plainly, the guarantee of a great hold with the WWE champion did not influence Rollins, since he went directly to Lesnar and promptly discovered five back to back F-5s, the remainder of the Universal Title. Continuously defiant, Rollins sat up and yelled “Is that all you have ?!”, to which The Beast reacted with a 6th F-5 when Raw left the air. The words were not stated, but rather the choice was clear. Presently the results come.sport, sports news, today's sports news, news sport, latest sports news, sportnews, sports scores, sports news headlines, sports today, sports news in english, sports update, new sports, today's sports news headlines, current sports news, sports websites, sports articles, sports page, world sports news, latest sports news headlines, sport newspaper, radio sport, sports news articles, sports online, top 5 sports news, sports breaking news, sport video, sports headlines, sports sites, sports results, live sports news, top sports news

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